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Why you shouldn’t be afraid of turning 30?

I wouldn’t say I’m ambitious, because I think being ambitious is more motivated by self, than by God.

However, ever since I discovered that God had created me for a purpose, I was determined to fulfil my call. I didn’t want to let him down which is my primary motivation behind why I do what I do.

This caused me to put a lot of pressure on myself, which often led to me feeling overwhelmed at times.

I know how difficult it is when we allow ourselves to get overwhelmed, it can lead to procrastination and stagnation because of fear.

However, the older I get, the more I understand that different elements of your assignment, unfold at different stages in your life.

I’m 27 and turning 30 used to be one of my biggest fears. There’s so much tacit pressure placed on us by the world, society and even our own minds. Especially as woman, we still subconsciously believe we have to have it all together by the age of 30.

From the age of 24, it was like a timer went off in my head and I started the countdown to 30. (My friend even saved me in her phone book as 6 years to 30.)

This year, I turned 27 and it’s like the clock slowed down because I realised, I’m doing the best I can with what I’ve been given and so is everyone else around me.

As I’ve watched my friends turn 27 and 28, I can see how youthful we all still are and I thank God for the energy and joy he gives us all!

One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned this year, is the importance of having GOOD health.

Many people (not all) who have passed away from COVID, had underlying health issues. Some of these were out of their control, however some of it was within their control.

I am determined to get healthier by eating better and working out. It’s a must, because once your health starts to deteriorate, it will be more difficult for you to enjoy getting older.

Another lesson, I’ve learned is you should never stop working on your personal development.

Whether it’s spiritually, intellectually, financially or physically, there’s always ways to be better. You will get there, you just have to keep going.

Vedo has a song called BOSS UP, and although I don’t condone every lyric of the song, he makes some good points.

I’ll take the lyrics that resonate with me the most.

‘Real love, do you think you deserve it?

Cut him off go and find your purpose’

‘It’s time to boss up

Fix ya credit, girl get at it

Get ya bag up

Hit that gym and get back fine

Go get that degree, go girl

Unlock potential that you didn’t know you had in you.’

‘Oh yeah, it’s time to mix it up

And get ya glow girl

I know that you gon’ get it

You got so much

Don’t let nobody tell you that’s it’s over

I want you to know that girl

You got it, you got it.’

Girl, you’ve got it! There is a GREATNESS inside of you, it’s inside of us all. I saw a glimpse of mine, when God first showed me, who He was. However, as the years go by and God continues to heal me from the past. I’m realising more of what he’s placed inside of me.

In conclusion, getting older is a huge BLESSING, time to learn more, spend quality time with loved ones and give more, that’s why I’m not afraid of turning 30 and neither should you be.

I will continue to put my trust in God and watch him come through for me, the way He always does.


Ebony x