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How often have I taken you for granted but last week taught me that without you I can do nothing. Nothing at all.

There were moments where movement made me breathless. I felt helpless because I felt like I had become a victim to this body I’m in. This shell.

I was desperate. So desperate that I asked for prayers. I told myself that when I get better I must do right by my body and eat well. I had suddenly, become conscious of the many ways I have abused my immune system because of my addiction to sugar.

Fatigued, I was left so tired, it was as if my body was in a marathon that I knew nothing about but I knew that for every step I took, I would need to sleep it off to recharge.

Health, my health. How often have I taken you for granted?! But I am thankful that my body knew just how to fight back. I am grateful for the remedies of parecetomol and rest. I am grateful for citrus and hot water. I am grateful for antibiotics. I am grateful for the prayers that were said. I am grateful for all this, for all these factors were what nursed me back to good health.

Thank God for my health.

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