The Right Audience

As a Christian author one of the things I have to accept is that my books are not for everyone.

When I read the word of God, it constantly reminds me of the dangers of when ‘men praise you and everyone speaking well of you.’

For the average human being who struggles with low self esteem this can be challenging for us. Naturally we want people to appreciate or ‘be blessed’ by what we produce but not everyone wants or needs what you have. However, that does not mean your work is worthless and you can’t still make an impact. Those are LIES from the pit of hell, lies that I’ve had to confront myself and stop focusing on the numbers and really focus on the impact I am making, which is what it’s really about isn’t it? Making an impact for the Kingdom of God.

The encouraging thing is that the RIGHT people will appreciate and ‘be blessed by’ what you produce.

So keep going Christian Entrepreneurs, someone out there is waiting to listen to your song, read your book, buy your T-shirt and go to your event.

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