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The Wilderness Experience

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

 I killed a slug today.

Without much thought I poured salt on it. I watched as it bubbled up as the salt melted it’s skin.

I buried it with so much salt that I thought it was over.

I carried on washing the dishes but thought let me just check to see if its really dead.

I looked behind and noticed there was movement. It was still alive. I could see the little antenna moving around.

What have I done?


The poor thing must have been in so much pain.

It’s amazing how it’s so easy to kill a living creature and not even care one bit.

How callous is humans can be just shows how far we’ve fallen.

We never think to ourselves.

God created that creature for a purpose. It’s not by accident. It looks revolting but it’s actually a purposeful creature that is here for a reason.

Sometimes I feel like that slug. Ugly. People who are bigger than me think it’s okay to just pour salt on me and bury me.

But like the slug.. I’m still alive

They don’t know it though.

My guilt made me think twice. Immediately I thought maybe I can save it. So I poured water on it so it could be free from the torment I had caused.

I swept it into the hand brush and threw it out the window.

Before I threw it out I noticed that it was no longer moving around.

Perhaps it was dead.

Who knows whether the slug is dead or alive.

But I thought by throwing it outside somehow it may still have a chance to survive.

Rather than leaving it there buried in the salt.

Isn’t that what God does with us sometimes.

Sometimes your like the slug. Your buried in your pain and sorrow.

And he has to pick you up and throw you into the wild because he knows that even though your nearly dead- you have a better chance of surviving out there than under the salt.

by Ebony Ali –  May 2018

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