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The past behind me— My Future in front of me


Sometimes I wonder if I should have studied psychology at university because the way I’ve spent most of my life analysing myself and others has been to that degree.

Why??! Is a question that I tend to ask a lot of the time.

Why am I the way I am?

Why do I think the way I think?

Why do I look the way I look?

Why, why, why??

My whys are usually followed by Whats and what ifs?

What is the reason behind that persons behaviour??

What if that incident hadn’t happened?

What does this mean?

Understanding is something I have desired for as long as I had sense.

Answers have been the quest of my heart and knowing  the truth my desire.

Most of the time I usually find myself answering my own questions.

As the end of the year is swiftly approaching, I’ve been in a serious mode of reflection and my questions are now:

What have I achieved this year??!!

How did I achieve them??

What did I do differently from last year?

And How am I going to do better next year?

I’m sure I’m writing for the majority.

But the question I want to answer is what lessons can I carry with me to 2018?

1. It’s okay to take risks—it’s okay to go down the path that is unknown.

2. It’s okay to dream- BIG! Not everyone will get your vision— but that’s okay.

3. It’s okay to cry.

4. It’s okay to be human.

5. It’s okay to enjoy myself.

6. Instead of fighting against the status quo- I must use the status quo to work for me.

7. I’ve learnt to come out of my comfort zone.

8. People judge you by how you present yourself. Even Christians.

9. Self Love and self-care is important.

10. Admit your struggles- don’t let pride stop you.

11. I can’t simply just know God for myself. I need the rest of the body of Christ!!

12. My friends don’t belong to me- they belong to God. Learn to let people go.

13. God wants me to prosper and be in good health even as my soul prospers- and that’s okay.

14. God wants me to live freely- who the Son sees free is free indeed.

15. Not everybody will be happy for you and support you all the way but you must be the change you want to see.

16. Patience is a gift of the spirit!

17. I have my plans- God has his.

18. Evangelism is different for different vessels.

19. Don’t judge others.

20.Don’t compare yourself to anyone else- Stay in your lane.

21. It helps to have money- really it does.

22. Transparency brings healing.

23. Consistency brings power.

24. Confrontation is important!

25. Closure is not a myth- talking helps.

26. Men are not as hardbodied as I once thought- they are actually quite sensitive.

27. Don’t put anyone on a pedestal- Except Jesus.

28.Respect is earned but forgiveness is a must!

29. How can I expect loyalty from others if I myself am not loyal to God.

30. God really loves me.

There have been so many HIGHS this year so I won’t even talk about the lows because they worked out for my good. I never would have made it without God being my Shepherd and friend.

All these lessons will help me for the upcoming new year.

X Wishing you a Merry Christmas Everybody and a Happy New Year X

x- Ebz-x