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The future belongs to those who prepare for it today

I was thinking about how bright my future is ☀️

These late nights.. have me up thinking.

Gathering my thoughts- checking in on myself.

There have been days where midnight thoughts were accompanied with loneliness and sad thoughts.

Feeling abandoned and unloved, those thoughts were torture.

However lately I’ve felt gratitude.

I’m grateful for what I lost because of what I’ve been able to gain:

A new perspective

A renewed sense of hope

A greater knowledge of who I am

Right now my days are so busy that at night I no longer lay mourning over potential love interests and long lost friends.

Instead I am at peace because I believe that my future is bright. Because no amount of darkness can ever extinguish light.

Trusting that I’m on the right path. Knowing that although I will never have complete control over what happens tomorrow, I can rest contented because I did my best with what I was given today.


Ebony Ali

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