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Self care is not selfish


Time, I need time.

Allow me to have time.

Time away.

Time away from everyone and everything and all the noise.

Time away for me.

Time where I can just be.


Away from all the noise.

Sometimes I just want to hide.

I want to hide away, find a sweet escape, a sweet escape somewhere.

Somewhere where my mind is at ease, where she can run free without fear of the judgement that interruptions and interactions with other people often bring.

I’m fine.

When I say I’m fine. I mean it I’m fine.

What I want right now. What I need is oneness. I need stillness.

I need to breathe. Inhale. Exhale. Inhales. Exhales.

I’m not afraid of being alone anymore. So please just give me time.

Stop rushing me. I know you want the instant replies. I ain’t got them.

You want my attention. I cannot afford to give it. I need time to recharge.

I’ve been working really hard and now I need time.

I’ve given myself permission to have this time and it doesn’t mean I don’t love and care for you. It just means that right now I need to love and care for me.

Self care is not selfish – it’s necessary.

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