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Now this topic may offend some people, so please don’t read if you can’t handle, but if it does convict you then hey we are all learning here.

This is my truth as a believer.

So I’ve been on this gym thing for a few months now and I’ve started to see some changes to my body and naturally I’ve wanted to ‘show off’ so I’ve shared a couple of photos of my ‘newly formed abs’ with my sister.

As I began to wonder if I would ever be confident enough to post a picture of my gym body on social media suddenly conviction began to choke me. Immediately  I thought about ‘what would my dad say when he saw it?’ Do I even have to answer that really? My dad would be outraged to see his daughter showing her body off to the whole world and rightly so.

He would think ‘men are going to lust after her and use her’ No Father in his right mind would want that for his daughter.

This made me think about ‘how much more my Heavenly Father’ would be angry (the one who is jealous for me) and that drove those thoughts right out of my head.

It’s in moments like this that I realise that my relationship with God is really like a relationship between a Father and a daughter.

There’s a deep connection. My dad see’s me as part of him because I came from him. It’s the same with God, I belong to God because he made me in his image. The bible talks about the body being a temple of the Holy Spirit and us no longer being our own. It’s that real when you accept Jesus as your Lord, you accept his Father who is God, hence why Christians get convicted about certain things that unbelievers won’t.

But what about those girls out there who are believers but don’t have Father figures or whose fathers have abused them? How can they come to terms with the way that God views them if they have never known both the love and discipline of a earthly father?

It’s easy for me to judge but God looks at the heart of every matter. So I pray for us all, for we are all the same as women, we crave attention which is natural but can be unhealthy if we are unwise.

I pray that we experience Gods Fatherly disciplinary love. The kind of love that tells us how desirable we are but also teaches us how to respect ourselves, in this case honouring God with our bodies.

Peace and Love


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