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Don’t look back

Young lady,

I know you feel stuck right now.. what I mean is that emotionally you’re finding it difficult to let go.

But believe me when I tell you.. you have moved on. The evidence is all around you.

Now don’t you go feeling bad about the length of time it took you to move on.

It was necessary.

You took a chance to give someone else a chance – who you hoped would be in your life for a long time.

You built a bond and emotionally you were invested.

But believe me when I tell you- you have moved on.

You made a decisive deliberate decision to let this person go – there was a reason.

Now don’t look back. Don’t seek closure. Stop stalking his social media page. You will not find thoughts of you there.

You are not the almighty- so you must learn to yield and relinquish your control of outcomes.

Only God truly knows the thoughts of another human being.

Now You must be determined to keep moving on.

Minding your own business..

Babygirl, I know the future looks uncertain right now- but when has anything ever been certain?

I mean how did you even get here??

Did you predict that you’d be in the middle of a global epidemic in 2020?

The answer is no.

You must look forward now.

You must see with the eyes of faith now more than ever.

You must believe and hold onto hope for your future.

Now don’t rush, to find someone else to fill the gap where they left – as you’ll be left hugely disappointed.

Take your time- you’re building something here- just like Noah- you’re building something that will keep you and your loved ones safe when the next trial hits the earth.

You’ve already let go. Now let God.


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