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Allowing Gods love to heal you

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Love heals

I’m not sure where you learned that love always had to hurt.

That love had to be dramatic and that love was pain.

I’m telling you love does not hurt at all. In fact it heals.

Love makes you believe that anything is possible.

What you didn’t understand-

What you failed to see was that all those times- you felt hurt was not me.

Yes I use those situations. But I do not cause you harm. I cannot harm those who I love- for I am love.

The very essence of my being and my nature is not to harm you. But your previous experiences taught you- they taught you to fear me and not embrace me.

I am the source of Love.

But you run.. you hide.. you kick you scream you fight.

But I’ll still me here.. still loving.

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