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Why I’ve stopped wearing a waist trainer

I’ve been wearing a waist trainer for over a year now and must say that I’ve seen hardly any results.

I actually started wearing one because a friend at university gave it to me as it was too big for her. She said that I should wear it when I work out, I was very grateful, having just started back at the gym that year so I didn’t really think much about it.

Before this I hadn’t even heard of the thing.

Until recently, I try to work out three times a week and lately I’ve noticed that I’ve lost a couple of inches round my waist, it fits more easily and I can now wear it on the tightest grips.

Thats all well and good but I’ve been really cold, I know it’s winter but my hands are nearly always cold and I’m fighting the flu. Also I’ve noticed that I’ve been feeling dizzy when working out.

Normally, I wouldn’t think about it too tough but I realised that I have pains around my waist even though I don’t wear it all the time, it’s abit concerning.

So I thought let me do some research and according to several websites waist training can lead to serious health problems one of which is ‘pneumonia’ as well as mess with your internal organs which can cause ‘blod clots’ it also stop oxygen from getting to your lungs. Hence why I’ve been feeling dizzy when exercising lately.

I’m Definitely going to the doctors now!

I also noticed that the trend was started by  ‘Kim k’someone who I am not following.

Whereas she might be able to afford to pay some fancy doctor if she messes up her organs, I can’t (at least not right now).

Your health is your wealth so I strongly advise anyone who feels pressured to alter their body by wearing a waist trainer to do your research and please stop, the cons outweigh the pros.

P.S. You’re beautiful anyway x

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