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Carrot Cake…

I think that carrot cake is one of those things that you think you’re going to hate but you end up loving. At least that was my experience of it.

I’ve attempted to make it once before and it really wasn’t quite what I expected. I just remember thinking ‘This isn’t what I pictured’, I realised then that it requires some skill.

After many years, I thought that I’ld give it another go.

Here was my result


Which eventually became this


I think that its fair to say that I tried to jazz up the presentation here a little bit. I am however a tad bit disappointed because I burnt the edges and the cake looks a little on the hard side.

I tried to remain true to my healthier lifestyle by using half the amount of sugar that the recipe stated and going for the lighter soft cheese for the buttercream icing.

I really hope that it tastes good.

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