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Are you arrogant or are you really just confident? Take my short Quiz and find out!

You will need to note down your responses for every question.

Scenario 1 When somebody gives you a compliment do you

A) Say thank you and smile B) Blush and say thank you and immediately think of something nice to say back C) Say yes I know, I see myself in the mirror everyday thank you!

Scenario 2 If you disagree with something somebody has said do you

A) Make sure that I have listened to them carefully so that I am sure that I understand their perspective and then respectfully explain my point of view B) This does not apply to me because I don’t like confrontation. C) I cut them off and raise my voice so that they have no choice but to be quiet, once I have proven my point. I hurl insults at them to top it off.

Scenario 3 When it comes to your fashion

A) I have my own unique style, I like to wear comfortable clothes but don’t mind switching it up on special occasions. B) I don’t care about fashion, nobody is looking at me anyways C) I always wear the latest trends, not because I like them but because I want everyone to know how fabulous I am compared to them!

Scenario 4 You’ve just gone for a job interview and the interviewer has said that the competition is high and they will be getting back to you soon, how are you feeling?

A) I feel confident that I am more than capable of doing the job but I know that so are a lot of other people so I will just wait expectantly. B) I just remembered that I forgot to tell the interviewer about my volunteering experience so I am starting to question whether or not I was a goldfish in a past life. C) I am feeling great because I know that I’ve got the job (after all the company needs me)

Scenario 5 Congratulations you have just found out that you got the job, what next?

A) I am very grateful, I have confidence in my abilities so I am looking forward to showcasing them but I also can’t wait to learn from my new manager. B) I am panicking now they’ve hired me I’m going to have to work super hard to show them that I am a qualified professional, maybe I should offer to babysit my bosses children to sweeten her up. C) I just threw a massive party where I told everyone how my new manager thinks she’s better than me but they should wait and see when I take over her position within the next two weeks!

Scenario 6 Crap! You’ve just looked at your alarm clock it’s 8am and you need to be at workby 8.25 today, you know that the only way that you can make it on time is if you leave in 10 minutes, what do you do?

A) 10 minutes is enough time to brush my teeth and have a quick shower. It’s a good thing that I ironed my clothes last night and packed my lunch. B) 10 minutes, Oh no! I might as well just skip brushing my teeth and showering and throw anything on. I don’t want to get fired! C) 10 minutes is not enough time, what would my manager do? Go back to sleep, I think I will stroll in at 9.

Scenario 7 You have just received your first pay check; How will you spend it? A) I know that I have to prioritise so I’ve already got this planned. Pay my bills, give myself a reasonable budget to life off, save a little and of course treat myself! B) Pay my bills and save the rest! Can’t afford to lose a single penny who knows if my manager will keep me on till the next month. C) Splash, splash splash! I’m buying a new car, a new watch, a new life, everyone needs to know how well I’m doing! I can always pay my bills next month after all I’ll probably be CEO by then.

That’s the end of my Quiz, thank you for participating I hope that you enjoyed!

Answers below!!

If you got mostly A’s then you are a confident person.

You have a healthy sense of self worth so you tend not to worry about things. You know that the only person that you are in competition with is yourself. You manage your finances well and treat other people with respect but you’re not afraid to be wrong and make mistakes because for you it’s all apart of your development. Keep being yourself!

If you got mostly B’s, the insecure one

I’m sorry to tell you that you are an insecure person. It’s not that you’re horrible to others, it’s just that you’re horrible to yourself. You are the type of person who is always second guessing yourself. You have what is called an inferiority complex where you think that everyone in the world is better than you. Learn to be kinder to yourself, find three positive traits about yourself, write them down and remind yourself of them daily.

If you got mostly C’s You my friend are arrogant.

You are over confident in your abilities and believe that the whole world revolves around you. You think that by putting others down it makes you look better but can’t you see that it’s lost you a lot of friends already.You are also flashy, not because you like nice things but because you want more compliments. This makes you irresponsible you will do anything for compliments even if it means neglecting your duties. Do yourself a favour and take some tips from person A, this will benefit you in the long run.

Now that the fun is over, I hope that you can spare me a few more minutes of your time. Of course that test was a big joke but on a more serious note, I was just thinking about what the difference between being confident and arrogant actually is. For example if I say that I know that I’m a good writer, does that mean that I’m arrogant? Maybe not but I’m sure that someone will perceive it that way. They might accuse me of boasting and even go as far as to try to put me down by telling me all the other people who can write better than me or all the mistakes that I’ve made in this post alone. So of course, I would have to say something like I think that I’m okay at writing to not make the insecure person feel bad. But what if I was to say that I think that I’m a good writer but I’m trying to become a great writer. That doesn’t sound too bad does it?

Furthermore, an arrogant person might say I don’t care what anybody else thinks I am the best writer there is! I’m better than all the others. However an insecure person would completely deny that they even know how to write in the first place and that’s not good either.

So to conclude, I don’t believe that we need to always proclaim all of our gifts and talents but I do believe that we are to showcase them and let them speak for themselves. I believe that true confidence is for yourself not others. It is being able to recognise and accept your own skills, talents and abilities, good qualities and even your physical things about yourself that are ‘pleasing to the eyes’ even if others disagree. It is also your ability to admit areas that need work either openly or privately (that’s up to you). Whereas arrogance is about others, it’s recognising all of the above and thinking that because of these things ‘you are better than others.’ Arrogance is rooted in pride but confidence is rooted in knowing who you are and loving yourself. I believe that it’s okay to be confident, I even believe that it’s okay to agree with compliments (of course if you do this openly people may accuse you of being proud) but it’s not okay to be arrogant. I don’t believe that it’s okay to put others down because you can do a particular thing better than them.

Today, I choose confidence knowing that there will be things that will come my way that will try to diminish this but nonetheless I choose it the same.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Ebz -x-

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