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Therapy, Thought-Provoking Must-Read!


"I would recommend this book to anyone young 12 - 120 years old.

This book prepares you for a detailed story of what Mental Health, Abuse and overcoming all that life has to throw at you! Youth workers, parents, family members should read this book to understand the young people in their homes and communities. Ebony's writing takes you on a journey, you can visualise her upbringing, teenage and young adult years. It was like therapy for me!! Caused me to reflect on my own life, my mindset and wellbeing! It's hard to digest everything Ebony has had to overcome but puts lots of stigmas or misconceptions of young people and mental illnesses into a realistic lens. I experienced lots of emotions reading. Im grateful this author let us in on her story. "

Pareece Rose

A story that many can relate to.


"I really enjoyed reading this memoir as I could relate to the journey in many respects. I could relate to feelings felt as Ebony effortlessly described the events she experienced so much so I was able to draw imagery in my mind of what it would have been like in those moment. I loved the way the writer ended the book with an expectation of what is to come in real life. If you have experienced hopelessness and in dire need of hope, this book is for you. If you want to see what God's love and grace really looks like this book is for you also."

Patience Duke 

This book is going to heal others and will impact so many lives.

"It was brilliantly written. I love the fact that she tells the story from a real life experience showing so much transparency, honesty and compassion towards helping others who went through similar experiences and those still battling. I literally could not put the book down for one second. This book is going to heal others and will impact so many lives out there. Ebony is such an inspiration to me and has also inspired me to keep writing my book. Thank you Ebony! You are such a gift to the world."

Sharon o

it is definitely worth the read.


"I received the book and read it in one day. I couldn't put it down. Reminded me so much of myself for so many different reasons. I am so proud of the beautiful lady because she has truly come a long way. I thank God for the destiny changes God added to her life to bless her. I hope to met the beautiful write one day. Buy a copy, it is definitely worth the read. "

Esther Omotosho

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