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My letter to Fear

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

I was tidying my room and found an old journal. I still can’t believe I wrote this when I was about 18!

Fear, you are the killer of all hopes and dreams, the murderer of friendships you make little old ladies give away their purses and stop young people from being who they really are and stepping out their comfort zones. I’ve lived with you and you are the worst roommate ever! The day you moved into my heart you bruised and consumed it. You booted out love and decided to take over the place. First, you lied to me and to believe I trusted you, I believed in you. You said you was there to protect me and shield me from pain but what you really did was let him move in too! You work closely in partnership with rejection. Fear I’m watching you. And all you other demons too. I hate you! Never come back! You do not belong to me, I no longer accept you as a guest/friend, you are now forever my foe. I no longer proclaim you to be mine. I’m letting go saying goodbye to you! I hate you, you liar. Au revoir, Auf weiderson and adios too. Fear I’m officially breaking up with you!

As you can probably tell I had a really unhealthy relationship with fear. I thank God for my growth, I’m so grateful!



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